Apps That Help Prevent Drunk Driving

Published by Michael Hoban on

There are thousands of smartphone apps that help people perform any number of tasks. Some apps are much more useful than others, such as DUI prevention apps. The purpose of each app is to help identify when a person is too intoxicated to drive. Drunk driving causes accidents, and will likely require Sr22 insurance. Some of the apps are free to use, some require additional parts, but they all have the singular purpose of preventing tragedy.

There are three well-reviewed apps that can help drunk people from driving.     


ENDUI is a free app with iPhone and Android capabilities. This app allows users a chance to determine their ability to operate a vehicle by plugging in some information. The app will ask for body measurements, the amount of alcohol consumed and give a blood-alcohol concentration, BAC, estimate. The app includes games to help determine a person’s level of focus.    


Similarly, Breathometer is a free Android and iPhone app. Purchased separately from the app is an attachable device that works like a breathalyzer. A person can determine or come close to determining their exact BAC and the time it will take to reach zero.    


Lastly, Alcohoot is a free iPhone and Android app that works nearly the same as Breathometer. Alcohoot is best used with the attachment purchased, and some reviews claim it to be more accurate that Breathometer.         

No app is perfect, nor 100 percent accurate. Regardless of the app used, drinkers should not become drivers. It is safer to use a rideshare service or designated driver, but these apps can help.