Benefits Of A Nonowner’s Policy

Published by Michael Hoban on

One of the first solutions that come to mind of drivers who need SR22 insurance is, “I’ll sell my car so I do not need an auto insurance policy.” Well, the bad news for you is that SR22 requirements make it so you must purchase an auto insurance policy regardless of owning a car or not. You may be thinking, how could you get an auto insurance policy without a car? This is where a nonowner’s policy comes into play. Additionally, this post will explain the benefits of a nonowner’s policy.

What A Non-Owner’s Policy Does For You

Before you consider selling your vehicle due to the fact that you will be facing higher insurance rates, consider your options. If you do sell your vehicle, you could use the money to pay off auto insurance in full and take a non-owner policy. Under a non-owner policy, a driver can drive vehicles they do not own, while maintaining the state minimum insurance. So, if you frequently rent, barrow, or use a work vehicle, a non-owner policy would benefit you the most.

Additionally, a non-owner policy is typically less expensive or comprehensive as an owner’s policy. When you purchase a nonowner’s policy, it covers body and property liability damages. Medical bills after an accident can drive a person to bankruptcy, but your policy will cover most of those expenses. After medical bills, any damage done to properly ends up costing a fortune as well.

Take-Home Message 

Since non-owner policies offer less coverage than a typical policy, they are also more affordable. A nonowner’s policy allows you to drive vehicles you do not own while still maintaining auto insurance coverage. A non-owner policy does not include comprehensive or collision coverage but offers medical and property damage coverage. Additionally, the policy does not offer rental reimbursement. For anyone looking to obtain SR22 insurance, especially a nonowners policy, shop for quotes online.