Increases in Distracted Driving Penalties Over Time

Published by Michael Hoban on

Since the dawn of the texting era, distracted driving has been a problem on roadways. In response to more and more distracted driving tickets and resulting accidents, insurers have increased their penalties. For a while, insurance companies were not penalizing drivers too harshly, but the last couple of years have seen a significant change. Since 2011, research done by The Zebra showed companies increasing their premium penalties for drivers ticketed for distracted driving by large bounds. The goal of this post is to discuss the increase and how it could mess with your cheap sr22 insurance.

Dramatic Changes Over Time

Changes in penalties affect cheap sr22 rates

As mentioned above, The Zebra conducted research into the penalty increase on premiums due to distracted driving. In 2011, if the police caught you driving distracted, you would face a premium penalty increase of about 0.2%. This trend steadily increased until about 2015, when the penalty made a huge leap. Then in 2018, The Zebra found that the penalty had risen to 19.7%, which is a near 10,000% increase. In other words, a driver in 2018 would expect to pay $290 more on their premium as a penalty for distracted driving. For many people, that increase is unaffordable, especially if you are relying on your cheap sr22 rate.

What Are Some Solutions

If you are looking for solutions to avoid distracted driving, consider that the most common form of it is texting. So, for the most part, just keeping your phone out of your hands should be easy enough. For those who struggle to do that, consider locking your phone in the glove box or center counsel. Getting ticketed costs you too much, so put the phones down. If it helps, remind yourself of the penalties you’d face for distracted driving. Whether you have regular car insurance or sr22 car insurance, an increase in your premium will hurt your wallet.