DUI And It’s Effect On Employment Opportunities.

Published by Michael Hoban on

There are a number of consequences for DUI convictions and even arrests. An arrest lands you in jail overnight, meaning the police will impound your car. Then you’ll need to pay storage fees and car towing fees plus bail. A conviction is even worse, with the consequences including losing your license and employment. On top of that, your insurance company will likely drop you, and you will need to find cheap sr-22 coverage. Since most employers run background checks, an arrest or conviction would bar you from many opportunities. In particular, any kind of job that involves driving and/or being responsible for assets or information will likely pass on your application. 

From Lots of Opportunities to Loss of Opportunities

As you may have figured, a DUI conviction keeps you from driving legally, but some people forget how it can affect your occupation. If you are a truck driver, catering, food delivery person, or cab/ride-share driver, a DUI will impact you heavily. If/when an employer finds out, they will terminate their employee. Aside from that, a DUI sticks out on an application to the point that you may lose a job opportunity solely based on it. It’s safe to say that a  conviction or arrest will follow you around for a while and end employment opportunities before they even start.

Vicious Cycle

The vicious cycle that is a DUI  starts with the decision to get behind the wheel after drinking. Consequences include but are not limited to job opportunity loss, job loss, insurance coverage drop, Sr-22 requirement, injury and even death. Sure, finding a job is possible after a DUI, but your job pool will shrink significantly. Meanwhile, you’ll be paying fines, bail, court fees, higher premiums and will likely need to find cheap sr-22 coverage. The choice to get behind the wheel is careless and reckless, something employers do not like.