Fourth of July DUI Statistics

Published by Michael Hoban on

The Fourth of July is one of America’s largest celebrations. Whether you and your family are grilling or chilling, the 4th is almost always a good time. Unfortunately, some people let their good time get in the way of their decision making, and tragedies occur.

Statistics That Scare

According to the United States Department of Transportation, in 2017 601 deaths due to traffic accidents occurred over the course of the June 30th – July 5th. Of those 601, 237 of them were due to alcohol impairment. This is a 23% increase from 2016, a scary sign for all of us. This Fourth of July weekend is an opportunity to lower those statistics and prevent tragedy in times of celebration.

Actions Have Consequences

If arrested for a DUI, cause a major accident, or drive uninsured this weekend, expect court ordered Sr-22 financial responsibility form. The State will suspend your license, your insurance rates will skyrocket, and you may end up in jail. To avoid high rates, injury or death, please celebrate responsibly.

Take Home Message

Quick Sr-22 Insurance is here to if the Sr-22 is required of you by filing it for you with the Secretary of State’s office. Hopefully, you will not need this, but in case you do, Quick Sr-22 Insurance can assist you.