How A Partner’s DUI Can Effect Your Insurance Rates

Published by Michael Hoban on

In an attempt to save on auto insurance, many people will enter a policy with family members, a partner, or someone they live with. It’s a very common thing to do, especially for large families seeking to insure inexperienced drivers. Unfortunately, when you have multiple people on a policy, one person’s mistake may raise all your insurance rates. This post discusses what happens when a person on your policy is convicted and how it affects your rates. 

Option 1

If you or another person on your policy have been convicted of a DUI, it will raise your insurance rates. A DUI conviction means your insurance company will flag that person as high risk, and therefore raise your insurance rates. One thing you can do to lessen the burden is to drop the high-risk driver from your policy. This means the high-risk driver won’t be able to use the car that the policy covers. If they do use it and get into an accident, the insurance will not cover it. 

Option 2

For those seeking to stay on a policy with a partner or other person living with them, a Sr-22 filing is your only option. The Sr-22 form is not insurance itself, but rather proof that you are financially responsible and have an existing policy. Your current policy may not insure high-risk drivers, but shopping for quotes can land you a better insurance rate. It may be difficult at first to find cheap auto insurance when you or a partner have a DUI conviction, but we know someone that can help.