How Driving Uninsured Can Earn You An Sr-22 Certificate

Published by Michael Hoban on

Auto insurance can be expensive, and if you are already operating on a budget you may think to do without it. Not only is it illegal to drive with no insurance, but if caught, Illinois requires you to carry the Sr-22 certificate. This post will explore how driving uninsured earn you a Sr-22 certificate.

3 Strikes, And Your Out

If caught driving uninsured in Illinois 3 or more times, you will have either a court-ordered or a DMV ordered Sr-22 form sent to your address. Auto insurance can be pricy, and if you are a high-risk driver, it may be virtually unaffordable. But driving uninsured puts everyone else at risk. What happens if you strike another vehicle, who will pay for it?

Not I, Said The Uninsured Driver

Driving uninsured is reckless, especially since damages you cause to others come straight from your pocket. If you can’t afford auto insurance, you likely can not pay for damages or repairs. If you damage a vehicle while uninsured, Illinois will require you to carry the Sr-22 certificate.

Take-Home Message

Driving uninsured is reckless on all levels. You put your own finances at risk while putting others at risk as well. If you find yourself struggling to find affordable insurance, check out The Quick Sr-22. We can help you find affordable insurance, and if needed, help you file the Sr-22 certificate.

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