How E-cards Can Replace Paper Form Of Insurance Card

Published by Michael Hoban on

If you have ever been pulled over, the officer probably asked you for a driver’s license and proof of insurance. Most of the time, people carry their insurance cards in their vehicles, but unfortunately, sometimes they forget. Mistakes happen, but this particular mistake costs you a hefty. Luckily, almost every state now accepts electronic forms of insurance cards called E-cards.

Convenience Of E-cards

Since about 2013 states have been accepting E-cards as a replacement for the paper form of an insurance card. Most insurance companies or agencies have a mobile app you can download, and provide you with an E-card. Along with the mobile app, they will likely send you a paper form of your insurance card. It’s important to carry both just in case one is missing or you do not have access to them.

Proof Of Insurance

Always carry proof of insurance while operating a vehicle. If you fail to produce proof of insurance, you will be treated as if you are uninsured. Obviously, it would be an incredibly frustrating situation to be ticketed or worse when you do have state minimum insurance. So, whether you carry the paper form, an E-card, or both, the burden of proof is on you.