How Sr-22 Can Affect Moving

Published by Michael Hoban on

No matter which way you come to need the Sr-22 financial responsibility certificate, it’s inconvenient. There are restrictions usually placed on you, as well as high insurance rates. You may even lose your license for an extended period, which may lead you to look for a fresh start. Unfortunately, the Sr-22 will affect your moving situation if you were planning on doing so.

Same Rate, State By State

Not every state requires drivers to carry the Sr-22 certificate or its equivalent, but moving does not absolve you or your driving record. The Sr-22 will follow you to other states, regardless of that states’ policy. The Sr-22 is part of your driving record, which means DMV’s and insurance companies likely have access to it.

Moving requires a new driver’s license from that state, and you may need to update or switch insurance companies. In the event you move to a state without a Sr-22 or equivalent, you will likely still have to carry the Sr-22. DMV’s can easily find out if you need it, and insurance companies will charge you more when they find out.

Bottom Line

It’s inconvenient for you to have the Sr-22 certificate, especially if you plan on moving. The certificate will follow you to whatever state you chose to live in, and higher insurance rates will as well. Failure to carry the Sr-22, regardless of the State’s policy, will cause a license revocation as well as financial penalties.

As always, avoid putting yourself in a situation that steers you into the Sr-22 and you won’t have to worry about it following you in the first place.