How To Alleviate Road Rage

Published by Michael Hoban on

Occasionally, other drivers aggression, mistakes, or ignorance enrages people. Naturally, frustration and anger are people’s first responses to someone cutting them off, but acting on that rage is dangerous. Road rage can affect even the most passive driver and there is never a happy ending. It may seem like a burden to ignore bad drivers, but at the end of the day is it worth it? No, road rage is dangerous and costly, but there are ways to alleviate road rage before it takes over.


This may seem silly and impractical, but meditating can be as simple as focusing on breathing easy. Deep, calm breaths can prevent a flare-up. Putting on the right music or podcast can help keep your mind focused on being safe rather than attempting revenge. Cooler heads always prevail, so crank up the music and breathe.

Remember What’s Important

If you find yourself getting upset or angry about another driver try to remember what is important. Is it better to arrive on time and intact or run the risk that goes with road rage? Acting on anger can get you pulled over and cause a serious accident. Additionally, if an accident is serious enough, your insurance rates will go up and you may have to obtain the Sr22 certificate.