How To Avoid Distracted Driving

Published by Michael Hoban on

It can be tempting to make an adjustment, check yourself in the mirror, or look at your phone while driving, but it can land you in a serious accident and a court-ordered Sr-22 certificate. Any non-emergency activity that takes your focus. It is not always easy to break habits like looking at make-up in the mirror, so consider these tips on how to avoid distracted driving.    

Get Your Grooming Done At Home    

Sometimes we are running late and think we can just do our final grooming touches in the car. Some people brush their hair, others may apply make-up and lipstick, but they are all driving distracted. Try waking up a bit earlier to get those final touch ups done, or wait till you are at your destination. Remember, how you look before getting to your destination is incomparable to you getting there safely.         

Texting/Calling/Hands-Free Device    

Many drivers are aware of texting and phone use penalties and the exceptions for hands-free devices. Despite hands-free technology not requiring you to handle it directly, it still takes some focus to operate a device. Any focus used on the device comes from driving, delaying reactions. Try to get all texts or call out of the way before or after driving, or wait till a traffic delay to take care of it.