How To Clean Your Driving Record

Published by Anel Herrera on

Getting affordable car insurance as a high-risk driver is tough. For lower insurance rates, high-risk drivers can take steps to clean up their driving records. 

To get started, get a copy of your driving record at your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles. Some states offer online services for this as well. Your insurance company may also be able to help you order a copy. 

Once you have a copy of your driving record, review the traffic convictions listed on it. To help clean your record, you may get convictions expunged or take a safety course. 

Clean your record with expungement 

Ask your DMV if your state participates in driving record expungement. If any of your convictions qualify for expungement, the DMV will give you paperwork to fill out. Record expungements have fees, which vary by state.

Clean your record by taking a driving course

Depending on your state, you can have points taken off your driving record if you successfully complete a driver safety course. Check with your local DMV to see which state-approved classes can help clean up your driving record.