How To File Sr22 Insurance in Illinois

Published by Michael Hoban on

If you have been at fault for a serious accident, convicted of driving under the influence, or racked up numerous traffic violations, then you likely need to file for Sr22 insurance. Although it may seem confusing or frustrating, filing Sr22 insurance is fairly simple. In fact, our insurance agency can file the document with the Secretary of State’s office. We can also help you find an auto insurance policy if your current provider drops you. Use this post as a guide to filing an Sr22 insurance policy.

Find Your Local Agency

In order to file an Sr22 policy, you need to talk to an insurance agency that is authorized to do so. Some people find out the hard way that their insurance company does not file Sr22, and may even drop them. Luckily we can find quick Sr22 insurance policies for you and file it with the Secretary of State’s office. The process usually takes about 30 days after the filing has been paid and submitted. The Secretary of State’s office will send a letter acknowledging your filing and the agency will provide a copy as well. After you have filed and received your policy, it’s important to remember to keep up with your actual auto insurance. Remember, Sr22 policies are not auto insurance, so you must maintain your auto insurance. Otherwise, the Secretary of State’s office will revoke or suspend your license and more

Filing Made Easy

Although the circumstances surrounding a person obtaining Sr22 insurance may be frustrating, we can make it simple.  Whether you are looking to file an operator’s certificate, an owner’s certificate, or an owner’s operator’s certificate, we can help. Additionally, if your current insurance company drops your coverage, we can find a policy for you. Just head over to your local agency, or go online to find a cheap Sr22 quote.