How To Renew An SR22 Policy

Published by Anel Herrera on

Like any other insurance policies, you must renew your SR22 if your length requirement has not been met. SR-22 insurance in Illinois must be renewed at least 45 days in advance to avoid license suspensions. If the car insurance agency does not receive a renewal 15 days before the SR22 expires, they are required by law to inform the Secretary of State’s office.

When you receive your letter to renew your SR22 insurance provider, you may begin your renewal process. Sr22s may be renewed in person, online and over the phone.

If you do not renew your SR22 policy on time, your provider will send an SR-26 form which informs the Secretary of State that your coverage has lapsed. If this happens, you will face fines and license suspension.

If you are having a hard time keeping up with your payments, contact your insurance provider and let them know. Sr22 providers may be able to offer a grace period to help you avoid lapses in coverage.