Insurance Points: What They Mean For Your Quote

Published by Michael Hoban on

While shopping for car insurance quotes, have you ever wondered how the company came up with their price? The main contributing factors to any quote comes from are your personal information, and vehicle information. In addition to basic information, insurance companies look at the number of insurance points on your driving record or license. A driver’s record or license accumulates insurance points when they commit violations. In other words, having points on your record makes finding a cheap quote very difficult. In this post, I will discuss the significance of insurance points and what you can do to lower your points.

Insurance Points

Now that you know why insurance points are a bad thing, it might be helpful to know how drivers get them. To rack up points on a record or license, a driver would need to commit multiple violations. Tickets and/or at-fault accidents are prime examples of violations drivers commonly commit. Insurance companies then look at your points to come up with their rates for you. This makes points a significant factor for insurance companies, which is why your insurance quote may differ from your actual rate

Thankfully, drivers have some options to negate certain points from their record. One of the easiest ways to remove specific traffic violations from your record involves completing an approved driving course. However, not every point can be taken off your record or license so easily.

What You Should Know

Hopefully, now your understanding of insurance points is clear, but there is other information you should know. Some at-fault accidents and traffic violations that are considered too severe cannot be resolved by traffic school. In cases of DUI especially, the only way your rates will be lowered is through time. And with DUI and major at-fault accidents comes the requirement for a driver to carry SR-22 insurance. If you find yourself in this situation, then searching for multiple insurance quotes would benefit you the most.