Lapsed SR22 Insurance Consequences

Published by Anel Herrera on

Lapsed SR22 insurance problems must be taken care of quickly. If you are a high-risk driver that needs to have SR-22 insurance and it lapses because you did not make the required payments to maintain the coverage, you are at risk of serious fines and penalties. If the SR-22 lapsed, the SR22 provider is required by law to report it to the Department of Motor Vehicles. As a result, the DMV will suspend or revoke your license and you will lose your driving privileges.

Make the required payments as quickly as possible. The DMV will be contacted with your payment information. Some drivers may have to pay to have their license reinstated and may also have to pay a fee to the DMV in order to be able to drive again. 

In order to avoid these hefty fines, shop around for an SR22 company with low rates and flexible payment plans.