Lyft’s Monthly Subscription Service

Published by Michael Hoban on

 Lyft, the popular ride-share company, has launched its monthly subscription service just in time for the holiday season. The subscription includes improved airport access, surprise offers, and discount rides. The idea behind the subscription is to build customer loyalty throughout the country. It’s perfect for those people that rely on rideshare or public transport and who for those looking for an affordable option. Additionally, Lyft’s monthly subscription may help those who can’t drive due to court orders or previous driving records. 

Lyft’s monthly subscription offers users the opportunity to have better access to airports, special offers and a 15% discount on all rides. It costs $19.99 per month, gets you access to the above offers. Earlier this year, Lyft offered an annual subscription at $299 but ended it. Now Lyft’s deal gives people the option to try it out and see if it does, in fact, help. The service just launched this past Wednesday so it’s too early to measure the public’s reaction but hopefully, it works people. 

As previously stated, the Lyft subscription is perfect for those who rely on rideshare or can not drive themselves. People who have a court-ordered Sr-22 filing may find getting around difficult, but the service may help out a lot. And when compared to Uber’s attempt at monthly subscription at $24.99, Lyft’s deal clearly stands out.