Phone Apps That Prevent Texting & Driving

Published by Michael Hoban on

Texting and driving have continued to harm American roadways for years. Just last week, we posted about the increases to penalties for those caught on their phones. This week we want to reinforce our message about the dangers of distracted driving by introducing some ways to prevent it. Beyond locking your phone away in the glove box or center console, drivers should consider downloading an app that helps prevent texting and driving. Some apps or features are free to use and may help you maintain a cheap insurance rate. 

The Dangers

 Before getting to the apps, let’s go over some statistics about texting and driving. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, drivers using their phones cause 1.6 million accidents annually, leading to many injuries and deaths. On top of that, drivers caught using their cell-phone will be ticketed and their insurance rates likely will go up. And if they were at fault for an accident, their rates will skyrocket.

Apps That Assist Drivers

Now that we discussed some of the dangers of texting and driving, it’s time to see what tools are available to drivers. Both of the apps/features below prevent drivers from texting and driving but have their own methods on how to do it. Depending on which brand of phone you have, only one will be available, but they both can help you maintain a cheap insurance rate.

  • Do Not Disturb — The do not disturb feature is common to Apple’s iPhone. The feature prevents notifications such as text and calls but will alert you of timers or if the message is urgent. A link will be provided for people who have an iPhone but do not know how to use the feature.  
  • DriveMode — A popular app that helps keep people from having their phones in hand, yet allows them to be notified and up-to-date. The app takes text messages and reads them out to you, and gives you a selection of responses to use. This app is only available for android users.