Ride-share & Other Alternatives To Drunk Driving

Published by Michael Hoban on

Before getting behind the wheel after having a drink or two, consider the consequences and your alternatives. You may not want to shell out money for a cab or ride-share service, but the costs of a DUI don’t even compare. Even beyond those costs, a DUI follows you for a long time and wrecks havoc on your insurance rates. So finding alternatives to drunk driving are crucial to a stable future. 

There’s No Excuse

If you plan on driving to or from a venue, it would help that you are capable of doing so at the end of the night. Drunk driving continues to plague roadways despite the numerous options available to the public. Ride-share and cab services mean you don’t even have to drive or worry about parking. If you don’t like using ride-share services, try using public transportation. Another great would be to assign a drunk driver, which provides you with a trusted friend taking care of you or your group.

Take-Home Message

All in all, there are so many options available to the public that guarantee you will not be convicted of a DUI. Whether its a designated driver, cab, Uber, or public transportation, the cost of any of those beat the cost of a DUI. Make the smart decision, and guarantee the safety of yourself and your group.