Self-Driving Cars To End Drunk Driving

Published by Michael Hoban on

As cars continue to become more advanced in their performance and safety, when will autonomous or self-driving, cars are here? What purpose can they serve and how much would road safety improve? Although it is difficult to asses when self-driving cars will be available, it is clear this technology can help. As we further explore what cars can do for us, groups such as MADD, or  Mothers Against Drunk Driving, push legislators to act. They believe self-driving cars can end drunk driving.

End The Never-Ending Battle

The battle against drunk driving may seem uphill at times, as there is no way to actually stop people from drinking. The last attempt to stop people from drinking ended poorly. But, what if the intoxicated person was just a passenger and the car itself was the driver. Self-driving cars have the potential to end drunk driving, by eliminating the driving aspect. 

Research Continues

The technology behind self-driving is not perfected yet, but certain companies have begun testing the technology. For example, Lyft has begun testing its fleet of self-driving cars in an attempt to end traffic delays, accidents, and other car-related issues. Self-driving cars may have seemed like a dream at one time, but now it is closer to reality than ever.

Take-Home Message

Self-driving cars have the potential to help eliminate drunk driving among other driving-related issues. No more DUIs, alcohol-related driving deaths, and Sr-22 insurance. Thankfully groups such as MADD exist to keep people aware and to push for better laws and implementation of technology.