What Is The Cost of Sr-22 Insurance

Published by Michael Hoban on

Have you ever caused a collision or committed a serious traffic violation? Then you also likely took out an sr-22 insurance policy, as ordered by a court or DMV.  Despite not technically being insurance, the Sr-22 provides proof that a driver carries the minimum amount of car insurance. Drivers who commit serious violations such as going over the speed limit by wide margins, driving drunk or driving recklessly end up paying more for insurance.  In addition to extra costs and a court-ordered sr-22, they will have fewer options when it comes to insurance companies. And depending on the violation a driver commits, the cost of sr-22 insurance could sky-rocket. This post will highlight what certain violations may do to your insurance costs.

Cost of Sr-22

Many common violations increase your insurance rates. Below is a list of several violations drivers commit that end up increasing their costs but are completely avoidable. Things, like speeding and driving on a suspended license, are totally under your control. Just as well, not driving when you are under the influence of drugs or alcohol helps you avoid penalties. Drivers can easily avoid these violations by taking the time to think about the consequences. Is it more expensive to pa for a rideshare or risk a DUI? The answer is simple.  

The chart is provided by Zebra and showcases the cost of sr-22 violations to your overall auto insurance.

Take-Home Message

Hopefully, you won’t be needing sr-22 insurance anytime soon. But for those who find themselves in a difficult situation, you should know comparing quotes online is your best option. When you compare quotes you give yourself the advantage of seeing the lowest rates. A driver needing Sr-22 coverage may not have as many options, but that doesn’t mean they should settle for the first company that accepts them. Find out what the cost of sr-22 insurance would be, and see how much you could save.