What it Means To Be A High-Risk Driver

Published by Michael Hoban on

Has the label high risk driver ever applied to you? Were you confused as to why you were/are labeled a high-risk driver? Surprisingly enough, the category “high-risk drivers” applied to all of us at one point in our driving careers. This blog dissects and discusses the label high-risk driver and some of the consequences individuals face as a result.

The Young, The Old, And The Inexperienced

So, you may wonder how or when the high-risk label applied to you. Insurance companies designate these groups as high-risk due to their inexperience with driving. On the other hand, those over 65 carry the label high-risk due to health-related issues that impair driving ability. Both of these groups tend to pay high insurance rates as a result.

High-Risk, High Premium

The other way drivers become high-risk comes as a result of an individual’s actions. If police catch a driver without insurance/suspended license repeatedly, the driver becomes a high-risk diver. Similarly, if a person causes a serious accident, or repeated minor traffic violations, they will carry the label. For these folks, not only will insurance be more expensive, but they will have to carry Sr-22 insurance. Additionally, your insurer may drop you or deny you a renewed policy. Luckily, however, companies that deal with high-risk drivers exist.