Your Rates After Sr 22 Insurance

Published by Michael Hoban on

Due to a number of reasons, a court can order you to carry S22 insurance. Also known as a financial responsibility form, Sr 22 insurance is a long process to get through. A driver may be ordered to carry it for offenses such as DUIs and negligent driving. Despite the fact that the requirement usually lasts for 3 years, your insurance rates may remain high for a few more years. This post will discuss what you can expect your insurance rates to look like after the sr 22 requirement ends.

Post Sr 22 Insurance Rates

For most people, financial responsibility filing typically lasts about 3 years. This, however, does not mean your rates will see an immediate drop when the 3 year period ends. Instead, a driver should expect their insurance rates remain high for a few years following the end of their requirements. Although they will remain high after your 3 year period, once you no longer have to file it you should shop around. You might be able to land yourself a slightly lower rate if you shop for quotes online. Otherwise, you should remain with the insurer that you filed with and shop for cheaper rates a few years down the road. Additionally, Sr 22 insurance does not automatically drop from your policy. So, once you no longer need to carry it, you should ask your insurance group to cancel it.

Take-Home Message

Living with the Sr-22 requirement is not easy, and definitely costs you a lot of money. If it was not obvious to you already, you should avoid ever needing sr-22 insurance. Of course, that’s easier said than done because mistakes happen. If a court has ever ordered you to carry the sr 22 filing, you know exactly how difficult it makes things. Once you no longer need the sr 22 filing, you should not expect your insurance rates to return to where they were before the sr 22. However, you should still shop around because there may be a lower rate out there for you.